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10 Key advantages of going for hardware AMC with DARTS vis-a-vis care-packs of Cisco and other OEMs’

1. Darts offers customized AMC to align with customer requirement of criticality or productivity

2. Includes AMC for most End of Sale/obsolete EQUIPMENT (Sample list of some of the devices covered, is mentioned below)

3. Our AMC offering can also cover more stringent SLA’s than those offered by OEMs

4. Darts AMC support includes the provision of standby hardware to meet Service Level Agreement in case of same model being temporarily unavailable, but OEM care-pack does not include any standby hardware and if OEM is unable to send the replacement in SLA time limit, it does not send any standby equipment, making the Darts AMC more reliable than the OEM care packs.

5. If same model is not available with Darts\market, for obsolete equipment, equivalent or higher model replacement is provided by Darts, on temporary or permanent basis.

6. In case of Darts AMC, we take complete ownership for device maintenance, and may offer additional optional services like Preventive maintenance, onsite hardware replacement service, Configuration services, for specific offerings.

7. Darts would ship replacement device without questioning, after prima-facie failure of the covered device is established, while OEM questioning about confirmation of hardware failure may often delay dispatch of replacement hardware.

8. Darts AMC is based on commitment and we shall go all out to deliver the device, including by hand delivery by its own staff while OEM does it on best-effort basis.

9. Premium service offerings from Darts provide extra assurance through deterrent penalty amount payable to customer by Darts, for the rare possibility of delay beyond Service Level Agreement

10. Common expiry date for fresh devices for part year AMC to be added to existing AMC device-list, with pro-rata AMC charges

Some of the Obsolete/End of Sale Cisco Equipment which Darts Supports under its AMC

* 2950 Series Switches                                            * 2960/2960G Series Switches 

* 3500/3550 Series Switches                                   * 3560/3560G Series Switches                 

* 3750/3750G Series Switches                                 * 7900 Series IP Phones      

* 4500/6500 Series Switches and line cards               * 1700/1800 Series Routers

* 2600/2800 Series Routers                                     * 3600/3700/3800 Series Routers  

* PIX 500 series/ASA 5500 series firewalls                 * 7800 series MCS server

* 1130/1240/1250/1260 series Access Points            * 2000/4400 series WLC

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