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Almost all businesses, small or big, face challenges of delay in troubleshooting or downtime, arising out of sub-optimal maintenance of their cabling infrastructure. IT team frequently faces non-availability of critical networking devices due to loss of connectivity, or last minute chaos before the critical planned move/add/change activity of active devices, due to faulty cabling infrastructure. After commissioning of a data center, IT Engineers generally focus on the active side of infrastructure, because that is where the show runs. Coupled with the requirement of higher physical strength needed to maintain the cabling infrastructure in good shape, this lowering of priority  to maintain cabling-which is often driven by exigencies of disconnection/re-connections, often leads to poor health of the physical layer, reflected in highly unmanageable cabling system down the line, which may look like figure B in extreme case.


    A-Neatly dressed and labeled cabling                            B-Disturbed cabling, missing/wrong labels

To address this challenge, and maintain the cabling in the initial easily manageable shape-similar to figure A, Darts has used its years of experience in active and passive IT infrastructure, to come up with a key service, called WIRECARE support, costing only a fraction of the productivity loss suffered otherwise. WIRECARE can be tailored to meet varying requirements of different IT setups, or different time periods for the same IT setup .

Some Key Features of WIRECARE Support provided by Darts:-

  • Residential (full-time) and On-call options to choose, depending on your IT setup/budget
  • Periodic testing using Cable Analyser (pentascanning) and dressing, with optional additional testing/dressing, before every move/add/change activity.
  • Experienced team of professionals, which
  • periodic Preventive maintenance schedules.
  • No extra service charges for replacement of defective jacks/patch cords (hardware charges would be extra as per Rate contract decided in advance, if required)
  • Dedicated Service Desk for our WIRECARE services, to address all your cabling related issues, with optional periodic face-to-face meeting.

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