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Switching is the core networking requirement in each office of an organization and plays an important role in productivity. Darts designs and implements customized solutions that result in smooth flow of data from various hosts taking care of performance and scalability as the business grows, without losing the cost-effectiveness of the solution. The deep knowledge of the switching architecture acquired by Darts helps optimize the traffic performance and embed security into the LAN, which is not possible with superficial implementations, giving only a fraction of the possible value obtained by enabling basic switching. The extras obtained through Darts expertise include QoS (where available in the model), security and speed optimization.

Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology is picking up very fast for the flexibility and mobility it provides through the increasing levels of standardization. WLAN desgin has a lot to do with expertise in site survey and architecture design, which can not only save extra investment in excessive quantity of access equipment but also optimize performance with minimum quantity of equipment. Darts, being a specialized player in the arena, provides cost-effective solutions with maximum possible security to dispel the fears about loss of data confidentiality over WLAN.




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