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Risk Assessment

Security requirements are often underestimated because we want to wait till we are affected by the results of existing inadequacies or are attacked by some hacker (can be outsider or insider) who steals or jams our information resources. This approach can at times be suicidal as insurance after death is of no use.

Darts' risk assessment service is a combination of vulnerability assessment (carried with the help of various tools) and threat assessment assignments. The former helps capture the vulnerabilities that plague the IT setup at network and individual host levels, and the latter, carried out with the rich expertise of Darts audit team, helps in quantifying the associated risk after judging the threat perception for the specific business environment .

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing simulates the attacks that can be launched by insiders or outsiders to help the top management appreciate the business damage that can be caused by attacks. Darts uses a host of standardized and customized tools to launch the simulated attacks.

The results of the attacks are co-related with the corresponding business loss linked to each mishap and are transparently shared with the customer. This exercise in turn helps in putting a ceiling on the maximum budget that can be earmarked for disaster recovery and security solutions to contain such damage.

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