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Business Need:
The place chosen for new facility / office India was at a location where there were frequent Power cuts and the power supply was not reliable. They are looking for a solution that can ensure continuous power and can correct the voltage disorders, the downtime should be minimal, even in case of maintenance. The product should provide redundancy, high availability and should be scalable for future needs.

Solution Implementation:
APC American Power Conversion is known in the industry for power backup solutions, the company offers a UPS by model APC Symmetra matches the customer business needs.  

Benefits of the Solution:
Savings on electricity bills by as high as 85% enabling the customer to reduce operational cost and become more profitable.

Longer Shelf life of 5 years for the diode batteries enables the customer to cut down on the total cost of ownership of the product and thus increasing the overall profitability by reducing the overall cost.

Scalable & redundant design of the solution has enabled the customer with investment protection and ensuring high availability for the network resulting in highly efficient system support the dynamic business requirements.

Smaller footprint of the solution enables the customer to save on the real-estate cost by accommodation the UPS system in the same server room next to the server racks without any hassles of generating heat and occupying larger space.

Unity power factor in the UPS system ensures least consumption (no wastage) of electricity which also results in non-emission of heat which contributes to the social cause of not contributing to the global warming syndrome.

Least maintenance results in no downtime ensuring an always available network with any outages; which helps the business to be more productive.

Digital hub India Private Limited

Business Need:
Digital Hub India Pvt. Ltd. is looking for a solution for their customer contact center. The solution should be able to meet the regulatory requirements, should offer IVR, call logging and skill based routing.

Solution Implementation:
Darts being Cisco Advance Unified communications Partner decided to opt for Cisco Unified Contact Centre Solution.

Benefits of the Solution:
The Unified contact Center Solution developed by Darts, based on products mostly from Cisco, has enabled the customer to leverage on the already existing data network of the customer and convert the same into a full-featured contact center solution with minimum investment. This has resulted in multiple benefits to the customer such as:

Having a single unified solution for Data network and contact center network resulting in minimal capital investment for acquiring the state of art contact center solution.

Minimal integration of multiple vendors and technologies resulted in lesser management overhead cost and seamless management of the entire solution thus reducing the overall cost of ownership.
Highly scalable and redundant design ensures accommodation of growth of business requirements and also ensures investment protection and highly available network.

Fully featured architecture to allow multiple modes of operations allows the customer to conduct seamless business in various modes such as using as a helpdesk center to service customers for incoming calls; marketing their products and services using the automated outbound calling feature. Conducting transactions through internet through web contact center. Besides the other features of IVR and call queuing enables the customer to entertain and service customer request even during after office hours and during peak hours when the call volumes are higher than the capacity to manually handle them. Thus the overall productivity of the business has improved significantly.

Sahara Amby Valley City

Business Need:
Sahara Amby Valley City sprawled over ten thousand acres of area. The city is well equipped with IT, it has got its own management NOC (Network Operations Centre), at Sahara the management wants to outsource the management and operations of NOC to an IT solutions and services company.

Solution Implementation:
Darts maintained the entire IT setup of sprawling Amby Valley city after initial implementations. This was done by deploying a team of engineers at the site.

Benefits of the Solution:
1.      24 x 7 availability of IT man power
2.      Maintaining and operating the entire IT setup
3.      Monitoring of Firewall, IPS, Router logs
4.      Performing fault diagnosis
5.      Ensuring smooth working of the network through proactive test and backup
6.      Abiding the Service Level Agreements
7.      Analyze performance reports and troubleshoot to fix the problem


Business Need:
IQOR is a credit Rating and recovery company having an office in NCR, India. The company has its presence in the U.S and Philippines. In India they have a setup of more than 500 users working on recovery of debts for Credit One. IQOR has deployed Cisco IPT to communicate between India and the U.S. they are looking for vendor to do the cabling connectivity for the office, deploy Switches and ensure connectivity between India and the U.S. through a Point to Point link and thereafter maintain the IT setup 16 hours x 7 Days. 

Solution Implementation:
Darts has implemented and maintained the entire IT setup of IQOR spread across two buildings. Darts has deployed 7 engineers and one supervisor total at both the building to provide 16 hours x 7 Days support. The engineers deputed at the site were a mix of Level 1 and Level 2.

Benefits of the Solution:
1.      24 x 7 availability of IT support
2.      Service Desk Management
3.      Active Directory Server Management and Monitoring
4.      Systems Administration
5.      Network (WAN & LAN) Monitoring and Management
6.      Mail Server Monitoring and Management
7.      Telecom (ISP Links) Monitoring and co-ordination
8.      Assets and Inventory Management

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