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Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta has about 25 years of diverse experience, having worked with L&T as a marketing engineer , and Indian Railways as an Operations and Commercial officer, before joining the IT networking industry in 1999.

He is involved in the strategic planning and decisions of the company, which includes marketing, sales, new business strategies, pre-sales and finance. His cross-functional experience, including proven track record in service delivery lends Darts the ability to devise mechanisms and deliver quality service through a highly skilled team.

Before founding Darts, Arun was instrumental in giving a strong foundation to technical capabilities of Integrix, another networking company where he was a co-owner. Arun inspires his team by himself being a certified and recognized networking and security consultant in the industry. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Delhi College of Engineering in 1985, Masters in Management from MDI in 1998, and LLB from Delhi University.

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